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Reserved Listing - Angie

Emma Sue Bow-tique

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1.) Gift card - In the past I have used a business card- sized gift card. I can send a picture of my previous cards. Now, I’d like to use a square 2x2 card with rounded corners (will send template). I think it will set each card apart so we don’t get them confused. I will have them printed on a pearl paper but do you have a sparkle effect that you can add as well? On the front of the card I’d just like logo, contact info, and maybe the words “Gift Card”. On the back of the cards, will need fields for Number of strands

Note, Expiration, and Fairy

2.) Menu - letter-seize format that I can have printed on a sheet of paper or enlarged.
“choose your level of sparkle”
$15 Training Wheels
(5 strands, one color)
Try it out! Wear it as a fan e frame or spread it out around your head. Perfect for kids ages 6 & under or first-timers who aren’t ready to fully commit to living the sparkly life just yet. 

$30 Light head 
(10 strands) 
This level will give you just a hint of subtle sparkle throughout your whole head.

$40 Mid-level
(15 strands)
Our most popular choice for first-time sparklers, this level provides great coverage while still looking natural. 

$50 Full Head
(20 strands)
More is more! Want attention? Choose this level if you want people to stop and stare as you walk by.

$75 Treat yo self
(30 strands)
If you’re a sparkle addict and not afraid to show it, this level is for you! You will get great sparkle coverage even with 2-3 layers of hair. This will really give you the “wow” factor.

Strands are magically attached to a single strand of your own hair and fall out whenever that hair does. It lasts for weeks, years, or a day…. When you lose a hair, who can say? Brush, wash, blow dry, or flat iron, color, curl or perm. Do whatever you do to your hair while wearing our sparkly strands!

3.) No- show graphic (lowest priority). This won’t be printed but will be shared online. 

When you no-show your appointment, 3 people lose:
1. You, the client, don’t receive the Fairy Hair you need.
2. Other clients who need Fairy Hair and could have taken your appointment time.
3. The Fairy traveling to your location that’s waiting and wondering if you’re going to show up.
We understand that circumstances may come up. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please text us at (240) 514-4777 or email Thank you!
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