branding and the importance of color psychology - business brand colors

branding and the importance of color psychology - business brand colors

Business Brand Colors: 

Establishing a brand can be a creative process, but can also be a source of stress for companies just getting started or going through a revamp. Your brand is the first point of contact your ideal clients will have with your product or service, so presenting your best face is important. Once you've determined what you want your brand to convey, the next step is to translate these concepts into a look and voice.

Knowing that color triggers emotions in people should be a key factor when choosing your brand colors. Understanding the fundamentals of color psychology before defining and selecting colors for your brand will help reach your ideal clients. Once you understand why a color evokes certain emotions, you can use color psychology in your branding to communicate with your ideal clients on a subconscious level.

what is color psychology?

Color psychology is the study of how colors influence our thoughts and feelings. The study of color psychology examines how the colors we see affect our emotions and thoughts. Let me explain: Have you ever considered why plant-based products almost always come in green packaging?  The same reason also explains why cleaning products are frequently packaged in white. It's color psychology; brands use our subconscious associations with certain colors to communicate the values of their products.

So, if you remember nothing else from this post, remember this: Your brand colors may not be your favorite colors when developing your brand.

I know, I know, you are saying..."Why? But I love purple so why can't my organic skincare line be in all purple?"

Well because this is not about you anymore. It is about your ideal clients. Your only focus should be on them, and you should choose a color that they can resonate with. Again, it's not about what you like, but what your ideal clients like.

I just shot down all your ideas right? Ugh! I know, I am sorry, but let's focus on being a successful brand and not a pretty one.  

why are brand colors important?

 What comes to mind when you hear the word "love?" Whether positive or negative, it is likely to elicit a stronger emotional response than the phrase "bike rack." Emotions are strong and whether we like it or not, they influence our decisions. As a brand, building a strong emotional bond with your ideal clients is something you should strive for. The challenge is that you can't convey your company's entire history in a logo or storefront, but branding colors offer a direct route to your ideal client's hearts.

 According to research, the color of a product influences 60 to 80% of a customer's purchasing decision. This demonstrates that choosing the right color not only improves brand association but also has an impact on your overall sales. The colors of your brand can reveal more about your company than you can possibly imagine. In order to effectively communicate with your ideal clients, it is helpful for you as an entrepreneur to understand how color psychology works. The colors of your brand should be used consistently throughout all of your collateral, including your website, landing pages, logo, and product.

creating your brand’s color palette

Do the colors you've chosen for your brand correspond to the mood you want to convey to your target audience? What attracts them? Are they attracted by cool colors, bright, dark, shades of blue? This is why knowing who your ideal client is so important. When you know who they are, it will be easier for you to come up with a color palette that will fit their mood and emotions.

The truth is that, regardless of what Google tells you, no color has a single and clear meaning. Choosing your brand’s color is a creative process. In fact, every process of creating your brand requires effort, and that is why entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. There is no cheat sheet for choosing your brand’s color, and that is why I commend your tenacity and perseverance in building your brand and striving hard to make it one of the best. However, you can still come up with the best color or color combination for your brand. Finding the perfect brand colors should be a process where you do some research on what emotions each color triggers and not just because it is your favorite color. 

final thoughts

You probably get it now right? Color and branding go hand in hand! Do your research on it. A quick google search of color psychology will provide you with tons of resources that breaks down the meaning of each color. 

Keep color psychology and color theory in mind when designing your logo, product packaging, website, and everything else associated with your brand. Colors are powerful tools, and the color palette you choose can make a powerful statement or send the completely wrong message. 

So now that you have your business brand colors figured out, contact me today if you need assistance on creating your awesome logo. 



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