Fiverr Basics - What, How and Why you should be selling on Fiverr

Fiverr Basics - What, How and Why you should be selling on Fiverr

Fiverr Basics - What, How and Why to sell on Fiverr:

There are so many ways you can make money on Fiverr and if you are looking to make extra money, Selling on Fiverr is the perfect place to start. Let's dive into what Fiverr is, what are the popular things to sell on there and how to be a seller. 

Below, I will also tell you about my personal experience as a level 2 seller on Fiverr, and show some stats of my first year.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that provides services known as “gigs” where freelancers can list and sell their digital services to buyers all over the world.

Fiverr, founded in 2010, was among the first gig marketplaces where users could buy or sell services. Although it began primarily with digital services, Fiverr has subsequently evolved to offer various freelance business packages such as coaching, management, administrative support, as well as “everyday tasks” such as cooking tutorials, video tutorials, and so on. Originally gigs started off at $5, which is where the name stems from.

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr operates similarly to any other online marketplace. If you have diverse skills that others may find helpful, you can offer them as services (gigs) on Fiverr. You may start selling your skills, whether it’s copywriting, web design, social media marketing, etc. There are two parties involved in how Fiverr operates that you should be aware of:

Sellers: Freelancers that showcase their skills and services to prospective buyers. Fiverr takes a 20% commission rate, so always keep that in mind. It is free to join with no monthly cost. However, the Seller's Plus program is definitely worth upgrading to but isn't necessary. 

Buyers: Before placing a purchase, buyers can use the search feature to explore gigs and view sellers' profiles to locate a seller who fits their needs. Buyers can also submit briefs that get sent to sellers in that category. Sellers who receive the brief can then send custom offers to the buyer to bid on the job. 

Sample Gig (my gig): 

What are Fiverr gigs?

A Fiverr gig is a service that is offered by a freelancer to sell in the Fiverr marketplace. Your gig is an opportunity to promote your skills to potential buyers and provide them with all the details they may need before placing an order from you. The gig price could range from $5 to $10,000.

Fiverr gigs are available in the following major categories:

Graphics & Design: Being a freelance graphic designer is a dream career for many individuals with creative and artistic skills. If you’re a graphic designer, Fiverr is one of the best places to market your services. Consider creating a gig on Fiverr if you design logos, business cards, apparel, business marketing items, etc. 

Digital Marketing: As it turns out, digital marketing jobs offer the best pay on Fiverr. You may develop a highly lucrative side business by offering digital marketing services such as video marketing, marketing strategy, and other related digital skills.

Music & Audio: Do you have a dynamic, pleasant, or distinct voice that sounds good on audio? Do you have the ability to make impressions or talk with diverse accents? Then you could be able to earn money by providing Fiverr voice-overs, which is one of the most popular gigs on Fiverr. Your jobs could include radio ads, voicemail messages, podcast voice-overs, audiobook recordings, e.t.c.

Programming & Tech: If you’re a programmer or web developer trying to earn extra income, there are numerous projects and ways to make money. 

Business: Businesses are looking to evolve and upscale their services. If you are knowledgeable in business consulting, and HR consulting, they can be of huge benefit to you.

Lifestyle: The lifestyle category offers a wide range of services which include life coaching, online tutoring, wellness, cooking lessons, dance lessons, and fitness lessons. If you love to tutor or teach others in your field, this could be a perfect gig idea.

The categories explained above contain numerous subcategories that outline the services that will be provided. 


Fiver Gig ideas that sell

Here are just a few gigs freelancers are offering on Fiverr. However, go to Fiverr and check out the categories yourself because this is just a few to say the least.

      • Web Design

      • Proofreading and Editing

      • Design Book Covers

      • Logo Design

      • Virtual Assistant

      • Ad Campaigns

      • Creating Video Greetings or Intros

      • Digital Marketing

      • Social Media Manager

      • Article Writing / Blog Post

      • Ecourse & Ebook Design

      • SEO Optimization

      • Podcasting services

      • Offering translation services

      • Offering legal templates such as policy pages etc.

      • Designing infographics 

      • Apparels design

      • IT Services

      • Voice-Overs

      • DJ Mixing

      • Sales 

      • Fitness Lessons

      • Cooking Lessons

      • Life coaching

      • Customer Service


How to become a seller

Fiverr allows you to sign up and create a seller profile with no additional constraints or charges. However, you must be prepared to deliver a service before creating a seller profile. Setting up your profile and earning money on Fiverr is simple. Here are four simple steps to get you started.

1] Sign up on Fiverr: Fiverr is only accessible to registered users. You must first register as a seller by entering your personal information.

2] Create a Seller Profile: Your profile allows potential purchasers to see your skills and experience. Buyers will order your gigs based on how you promote your profile. As a result, take advantage of this opportunity to impress customers by proving that you are the right freelancer for the job. Make sure to check out your competition. Do a search of the gig you are planning to sell and see who pops up on the first page. Look at other profiles if necessary, to get an idea of what your profile should ultimately look like. You want your profile as professional and visually appealing as possible. Make sure to spend time on this.You basically are creating the first visual impression your buyers will see.

Side Note: When you click on a gig of another Fiverr sellers, it will tell you how many orders are in process on that particular gig. Take note from these sellers. What are they doing right in their gigs, profile and gallery photos? AND no I did not say copy them... but I am saying, always, always check out your competition and do your homework. BUT always be youniquely you.  

 3] Create a Gig: It's time to create your first gig now that you've finished setting up your seller profile. A "gig" is a work description that you can use to sell your services to buyers. Each engagement needs you to fill out basic information about your services, such as the ones listed below.

 A Quick Overview: The first section you'll need to fill out when you click "create a new gig" is the overview. You must supply information for the following sections:

Gig Description: Tell prospective buyers what you have to offer. Be specific, make sure to cover your entire scope of work so there is no confusion. 

Now Select a category and subcategory that correspond to the service you're providing.

Service type: Select the service you want to provide to buyers.

Gig metadata: Select the options that will help your gig stand out.

Tags: Now choose search tags that will help your gig rank when buyers search for the service. If you were a buyer looking for your service, what words would you type in the search box? Now type those words in your tags. This is how buyers are going to find you. 

Pricing: Fiverr's pricing strategy for selling services on the platform is based on packages. Packages enable sellers to combine a basic gig with built-in revisions and other extras to create an offer that meets the needs of buyers.

A package is typically priced as follows:

  • Give the section a title in the "name your package" area. If you employ the three sections, give each one a distinct name.

    • For example: I have 3 packages I offer, all at a different price range. Basic $35 - Standard $60 - Premium $115. All three packages are an upgrade to the one below it. Basic Package is just that, the bare minimum the project offers. The Standard Package provides the typical files, then Premium offers everything plus some.  

  • The delivery time should be consistent or ordered ascendingly. You can also add rush options on the delivery and charge an additional fee to the customer. 

  • In ascending order, select the number of revisions you can provide the buyer and the total price for each segment.

  • You can include or exclude extra services - You will see an add-on section where you can offer individual upgrades. Utilize this feature to up-sale your customers. 

Words of advice on Pricing: Start low! 

Unfortunately you need to discount your services to get your first few sales on large marketplaces. Buyers look at reviews and if you don't have any, they may be skeptical to purchase from you. In every marketplace I have sold in, I start low. Gain the reviews and provide excellent customer service, and then slowly raise my prices to my standard rate. The more credible of a seller you are, the more likely a buyer will purchase from you. 

Description and FAQ: Explain your gig in the description section as clearly and precisely as possible. Fill in the frequently asked question section by answering questions regarding the services you offer that you believe the buyer might be interested in.  

  • Describe the services you would provide to buyers and select a delivery date. In the description, break down the 3 packages in detail, be specific about what services are included in the scope of work for each package. 

Requirements: In this part, type out what you want the buyer to provide before you start the project. To my clients, I give instructions and tell them to type "Yes" in the box showing they read my process that I explained in the requirements. I then reach out to my buyers on Fiverr once I get the order. I then go over my customer brief and client discovery process. Whatever works for you, this is where you state what you want the buyer to provide you with the order. Just remember, part of terms of service on Fiverr is all communication has to be through Fiverr ONLY! You will get a violation if you ask for the customers contact information so you can contact them outside of Fiverr. Too many violations equals termination of your sellers account.  

Gallery: Add photographs or videos that are relevant to the gig you've created. This will be your listing photo on the front page. Make sure it is eye catching & looks professional. This is the first thing a buyer will see when searching for your services, you want this to draw in your buyers. Check out your competitions gigs to get ideas of how they display their services. 

Publish: When you've completed and confirmed all of the gig details, click "Publish." Once you've done that, the gig will be public and buyers will be able to find it.


4] Promote Your Gigs: After you've published your gig, you can promote it on social media for free. Pinterest is the best free marketing tool for your business. Pin away, post on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any social media following you may have. Get your gig out there. 


Don't know what to sell Fiverr?

Search in the box above, and find out. You can sell practically any digital skill on Fiverr and make really good money. The good thing is that you can look at the most popular services on Fiverr, take a course to master them, and then return to Fiverr to offer them. YES, Fiverr has educational courses. You can learn how to be a Social Media Manager through Fiverr if you want. They have so many courses.

Check out Fiverr Learn from the link below.

Final Thoughts about Fiverr

Your overall goal should be to create a brand that attracts clients from a wide range of sources, not just Fiverr. While trying to build your brand, freelancing is a great way to build your portfolio and fill in the gap on your income while building a business. However, don't ever put your eggs in one basket when selling on a marketplace. That way, if any of these ventures fail — for example, if a marketplace decides to close your account — you aren't completely screwed & out of business. It happens, trust me! That story is for another article...

Having said that, Fiverr can be an excellent side hustle or supplementary to your freelancing business income but can also generate a very steady income.

Fiverr's marketplace has a designed user base that directs traffic to your Gigs; the customers come to you. All you have to do is convert that traffic with a compelling offer backed up by a solid reputation on the platform. 

Even though you don't technically own the client relationship, Fiverr can help you develop a steady clientele of relevant firms to work with. The returning customer rate is incredible. 25% percent of my clients are returning customers on a regular monthly basis.

 My Experience on Fiverr

So want to hear my experience on Fiverr? I signed up in January 2021, and am a Level 2 seller. I hit that accomplishment after selling for 120 days per the requirements, and selling over $2,000 in sales, by May 2021. I have hit all the requirements for Level Top Rated however unlike other seller levels that are automatic, Top Rated is manually selected & can change upon review at any time. 

Now what about my first month on Fiverr... I posted my first gig on Fiverr on January 9th, 2021. I made my first logo sale on January 10th and charged $15. Way lower than I typically would want to. Yikes! So My basic package started at $15 and included 1 logo concept and 3 revisions. It was so simple and the buyer knew exactly what she wanted. That month I had 11 orders and made a whole $180.. LOL!  In February 2021, I had 48 orders and cleared $1600. By June I had reached over $2600 in sales, completing 53 orders for the month, and by August was at $2900, 70 orders for the month. 

I started very low on my package pricing, which helped with initial sales. Once I had a good amount of reviews, I slowly went up in my total cost. By January 2022, my prices have more than doubled on my gigs. I now have over 650+ (5) star reviews which does help attracts buyers.

As for the amount of monthly orders. The amount seems to be consistent with a range of 65-75 orders a month and 80+ on a busy month.  I have noticed October and November are slower months in my niche.

Some stats for your reference below, this is a scale of my first year on Fiverr in 2021. To say the least I have more than doubled this income in 2022, but that is not my point here.  This is to show you that you can easily make money on Fiverr. Especially when you are just starting out as a new seller. If you put some time and effort into it, it can be very successful. Start today and you will thank yourself one year from now when you have an extra $20K in your bank, all from a side hustle.


So now we have gone over the What, How and Why you should be selling on Fiverr. Does this seem like too much for you to handle or do you want to just get it right from the start? Let me help you become successful on Fiverr with my coaching packages. View pricing for coaching package from the link below or contact me today. I will walk you through setting up your sellers profile, give you my secrets tips and tricks on how to make your gigs visible to buyers, set up your first gig to sell and also design an amazing business logo to make you look like a pro. 




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