how to create a brand that resonates with your ideal clients - finding your brands target audience

how to create a brand that resonates with your ideal clients - finding your brands target audience

finding your brands target audience

Your brand is not for everyone...Being an entrepreneur automatically means being deeply involved in your business. However, you must know who your ideal clients are. If you lack a clear understanding of who your ideal client is, your business might not be as successful as you intended it to be. The same way you put in the work in your business plan, your brand colors, business logo, or brand identity, is the same way you should figure out who your ideal clients are.

Your brand is not for everyone, and that is more than OK. What is important is knowing your audience and who you want your clients to be. Just because you have Aunt Susie on your social media and she comments on every post you make, doesn't mean you want Aunt Susie to be your client. Your Mom might not like your logo, but is your Mom part of your target audience? 

Once you've identified your ideal clients, you can tailor your products and marketing to them---and, hopefully, watch your sales skyrocket. Here is how you can identify your ideal clients and create a brand that resonates with them.

understand the basic demographics of your ideal clients

 Demographics will help you understand who your ideal clients are and what they need. Understanding who your ideal clients are starts with their basic demographics (age, gender, marital status, geographical location, income, and ethnic background). Is your product meant for children or adults, male or female, single or married? These are important questions that you must find answers to.

your ideal clients psychographics

Once you’ve gathered answers to demographic data, it's time to move to the next stage. This is the time to explore your ideal client’s mind. Psychographics relate to your ideal client’s interests, values, and lifestyle. Examples of the psychographic data you should come up with are their attitudes, interests, buyer personas, etc. Think of the effect your product/service will have on them. Learn about your ideal client’s interests and hobbies. Figure out their buying triggers. People typically buy from you when you trigger their emotions. Uncover their problems and link your products to them as the appropriate solution.


bring your ideal client to life

 After understanding your ideal client’s demographics and psychographics, it’s important that you make that client a reality. Give the idea of your ideal client a real identity. There are many dynamic ways to bring your ideal clients to life. It is both a creative and a technical process. Bringing your ideal clients to life can help with your business success if you always have that ideal client in mind.

 Assume you have narrowed your target market to young female entrepreneurs between the ages of 20 and 30 who live in the city and make an average annual income of $100,000. Based on your psychographic research, you know these women place a high value on concentrating on their business, they like expensive things, etc. Complete the rest of the tale of your ideal client using what you already know. Remember this client when interacting with your brand. Create a mood board on Pinterest of your ideal client if you have to, give her a name. Print pictures of your ideal client and hang it next to your computer or desk if you have to. Think about what resonates with her visually. As you select your brand elements, just remember that it is always about her. 

 Following these steps will assist you in identifying your ideal clients and determining the best way to get your products/services into their hands. Continue to analyze, and you will have more data, stories, and power to define and transform your brand. Your ideal client analysis results can assist you in focusing on the right channels, and driving a profitable business.

 Building a successful brand starts with understanding one fact: It's not about you. The more you can identify your ideal client’s wants and needs, the more you can create customer-appropriate content that will eventually lead to a customer relationship.

Did this help you think about how to find your brands target audience? I hope this article was helpful for you. Best of luck on your branding journey! 



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